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Wholesale 30 Bundles Straight

Wholesale 30 Bundles Straight

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All straight pieces.

Size - Quantity

14 = 5 pieces

16 = 5 pieces

18 = 5 pieces

20 = 5 pieces

22 = 5 pieces

24 = 5 pieces


it will be a raw indian temple hair piece, from single donors, color may vary from natural black, light brown, light black, brown black etc. we will give matching pieces for one order. Fast shipping and full payment protection, we take PayPal. easy returns if any and full refunds offered, we pay return shipping. 99.99% people loved our hair, its 6 years old company. our hair easy to maintain and last long with proper care.if you want specific color. once you place order share order number with us on

whatsapp +91 7503 464 411 or email us - ask for details please. it will be pleasure serving you.

We have different time zones, so reply may delay sometimes but we will respond as soon as possible